Tuesday, February 24, 2015

No Greater Valor by Jerome Corsi (Book Review)


I've always been fascinated by World War II, and I love to read and watch films about it. When I learned about the Battle of the Bulge and realized how horrific the conditions were for those men, I was so moved by their sacrifice. I can't possibly understand just how horrible and dark it was during that battle, nor can anyone who wasn't there. The stories of those soldiers need to be told...often...so they are never forgotten. In No Greater Valor, Jerome Corsi tells about the siege of Bastogne and the ways in which God worked to bring about victory for the Allies. Jerome Corsi writes from a Christian worldview; it's refreshing to read about the war and not have to wade through offensive language and vulgar stories. 
I was disappointed that the book was hard to get into. Most of it is a dry recitation of so many facts, names, places, dates, and war machinery that I found it difficult to keep up. Maybe that's just me. By the middle of the book I found it enjoyable and more interesting. I especially enjoyed the first person narratives and photos scattered throughout. One portion of the book that stood out to me was the story of General Patton and Chaplain O'Neill collaborating on a "special training letter dedicated to expounding upon the importance of prayer." If only we had men like them in leadership today!

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. 

More about the book:

Book Description
Jerome Corsi's newest opus, No Greater Valor, examines the Siege of Bastogne-one of the most heroic victories of WWII-with a focus on the surprising faith of the Americans who fought there.
In December of 1944, an outmanned, outgunned, and surrounded US force fought Hitler's overwhelming Panzer divisions to a miraculous standstill at Bastogne. The underdogs had saved the war for the Allies. It was nothing short of miraculous.
Corsi's analysis is based on a record of oral histories along with original field maps used by field commanders, battle orders, and other documentation made at the time of the military command. With a perspective gleaned from newspapers, periodicals, and newsreels of the day, Corsi paints a riveting portrait of one of the most important battles in world history.
About the Author
Jerome Corsi has written and coauthored many books and articles, including the #1 New York Times bestseller, Unfit for Command. Corsi is the founder of the Iran Freedom Walk. He has appeared on Fox News and MSNBC regarding Iran, as well as in hundreds of radio interviews.

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