Thursday, November 13, 2014

Saving Christmas (Review & Giveaway)

Kirk Cameron is on a mission to save Christmas. In his new movie, Saving ChristmasHe launches a defense of the controversial holiday with fun, insight, and plenty of corn. Saving Christmas is coming to select theaters November 14 for two weeks only! 


We all know that person; you know, the one who at the first mention of Christmas sighs loudly enough to let everyone within two city blocks know how he feels about the holiday--and it ain't a good feelin'. He hates the fuss, the expense, the materialism, the...everything. He's the one who is actually glad to find out that the origins of Christmas are questionable so he has another reason to be against it. He belongs to one of three sides of the war on Christmas, and he is the one to whom "Saving Christmas" is addressed. (The other two sides are, of course, 1. Those who wish to make Christmas an entirely secular holiday and 2. Those who celebrate Christmas and remember Christ's birth, God's Gift, by giving to others, and by enjoying the festive time with their families and friends. Count me in the 3rd group. You can read about my Christmas feelin's here.) In the movie, Kirk addresses his brother-in-law's objections to Christmas and attempts to convince him that he really can, and needs to enjoy the holiday with his family while still honoring Christ.

Saving Christmas is a documentary/comedy that is appropriate for all ages. Here are some pros/cons:

1. Family Friendly
2. Educational
3. Thought Provoking
4. Funny
5. The Music! :)

1. It felt like Cameron was reaching quite a bit to tie in some of the symbols. The presents resembling "a city skyline" for example. Ours would be more like a small village.....;) )
2. Parts of the movie dragged, and there wasn't much flow.
3. Corn. Lots of it. ;)

I would give the movie 3 out of 5 stars. I especially liked learning more about St. Nicholas, and the fresh perspective on Christmas symbols. Oh, and how can you not love the Charismatic guy?

Is it worth a watch? YES! I believe that it's important to support Christian film makers, and besides, this movie WILL help you to see Christmas through new eyes. Especially if you're the grinch-type. ;) 

Enough of my opinions. On to the Giveaway! Well, after a little more info:
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"Join me, and my family, and together let’s put Christ back into Christmas. We’ll dive head first into all of the joy, the dancing, the celebration, the feasting, the imagination and traditions that glorify the true reason for the season.” - Kirk Cameron

Saving Christmas is a wonderful defense of Christmas traditions and is quite educational. Candy and I also enjoyed some good laughs. I pray that God will use it to His glory.” 

Okay. NOW the giveaway. 

One of my readers will win  A SIGNED Saving Christmas movie poster (by Kirk Cameron), the soundtrack to the film, and a car air freshener that smells like Christmas trees! 

To enter, simply leave a comment about Christmas. It can be your favorite song, dish, tradition, book, anything Christmas-y. :) If you share this post on your Facebook page, Twitter, or other social media, come back and leave another comment and you'll get another entry! This giveaway ends Tuesday, November 18. 

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In Which I Humbly Give My Little Ol' Opinion About Christmas And The Fight Surrounding It

Everyone knows that there is a war on Christmas, but not everyone realizes that the opposition to Christmas, or at least certain aspects of it, comes from both sides. On one hand, there are those who twist the meaning of separation of church and state and insist that any and all Christian symbols not be displayed publicly. Cuz, you know, mangers are menacing and all that. On the other hand, there are Christians who abhor the materialism that seems to embody the holiday. Not only that, but they remind everyone about the pagan origins of Christmas and its beloved symbols. OH, and the big one...S-A-N-T-A rearranged spells S-A-T-A-N. Scary stuff.

I grew up within the "Anti-Claus" ranks. if the jolly red elf was on an ornament, card, or wrapping paper, ya just didn't buy it! Period! To this day I feel guilty about hanging a little Santa on our tree.


I'm not here to argue for or against either side, but I will tell you that, for our family, Christmas is most definitely all about the birth of Jesus and celebrating His gift to the world. We have never told our children that Santa is real, but we haven't banned him either. We like to remember who Saint Nicholas was and what he did. We enjoy giving gifts, but that's not what the holiday is all about. When someone says "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" I will probably respond with "Merry Christmas" anyway, but I will say it with a smile. I will not spit it at them. Oh, and "Merry Xmas?" Yeah--I really hate that one. I know some people say that it's just a short cut, but c'mon. How hard is it to write five little ol' letters?

Mr. Rodney King once asked, "Can't we all just get along?" Sadly, the answer is "No". There will always be fault finders and haters on both sides. So, I just ask Christians who are trying to do away with Christmas to rethink it. Find the joy in the season and celebrate this special, Christ-filled time with your family and friends.