Saturday, December 27, 2014

Colliding With Destiny (Review)

"Our brokenness is most beautiful when we're in His presence." 
Day 1: Life Doesn't Always Go as Planned

I was intrigued after reading the blurb for Colliding With Destinyand I was happy to be able to review it.  Sarah Jakes has been through a lot. She's made many mistakes, but has obviously learned much from them. The very fact that she has changed so drastically and has written this book is testimony to God's grace. (I'm very interested to read the book she's written sharing her story, Lost and Found.)

In Colliding With Destiny Sarah Jakes shares excerpts from the story of Ruth and ties Ruth's story into the circumstances of so many of us today, showing how God is working and molding us and our futures even when we can't see it; how we collide with our destinies, much like Ruth. I appreciated Sarah's insight and I found the running theme of redemption and grace throughout the book to be uplifting and encouraging. 

The cover is absolutely beautiful and the quality of the book as a whole was impressive. The layout of the chapters was a bit of a surprise, but a pleasant one; they are short and written like a devotional, with a journal prompt, questions to ponder, and a prayer at the end of each chapter. It's a very easy read, and there are many tidbits that the reader will want to write down and ponder.

There were some areas of concern to me. There seemed to be overtones of prosperity gospel, self love, and relying too much upon self confidence and our own worthiness. (We aren't worthy--no one is. That's the beauty of the gospel.) Since I don't know Sarah, I'm aware that I may have misunderstood her meaning. But, since I don't have the luxury of conversing with her to get a clearer understanding of what she was saying, I can only go by what I read in the book. 

All in all, I give Colliding With Destiny three out of five stars, and I recommend it with caution. 

Read more about Colliding With Destiny here.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

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