Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No More Dragons by Jim Burgen (Book Review)

I remember listening to The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre and loving the part about Eustace being freed by Aslan. It's a terrible, beautiful, painful, wonderful way of drawing a picture of something we can all relate to: We either are dragons, are chasing dragons, being chased by dragons, or have been undragoned. According to Jim Burgen, "undragoned" is a word. And I get it. You will too, if you read this book.

In No More Dragons Jim Burgen, lead pastor of Flatirons Community Church in Boulder County, Colorado,  tells his story of being undragoned and offers hope to others who still need to be freed. He is very direct, even startling at times, and I was a little taken aback by some of his bluntness and choice of words, however, he deals with tough subjects like depression, lost faith, and church problems with a Biblical perspective and manages to relate to his readers in a real and personal way. The section of the book about the balance that must exist between Truth and Grace was phenomenal. So much of this book is quotable, but I do think that part is the best.

I love Jim Burgen's sense of humor and direct, keep-it-plain-and-simple style. I had only read this book for about five to ten minutes and I was laughing like crazy and saying, "Yes! I totally get it! That's hysterical!"

While I did not completely agree with everything in the book, I found it eye-opening and full of hope. I recommend it!

P.S. The awesome book cover may or may not have influenced my decision to review this book. ;)

Read more about No More Dragons here:

Book Description
Becoming a dragon is a dangerously subtle process.
You make a long chain of bad choices. The chain gradually wraps around you. Layer by layer, it begins to take on the aspect of scales. One day you glance at yourself in the mirror and a monster is staring back at you. You aren't who you used to be. You aren't who you want to be. You're not who you were created and designed to be. Instead, you're a dragon.
When Jim Burgen was nineteen years old, he realized how easy it had been to become a dragon. He knew he didn't want to be one anymore . . . but how? No More Dragons is the story of our common, hopeful journey from dragonhood back to personhood.
As Pastor Burgen narrates the remarkable process of reclaiming himself from himself, he implores modern church goers to shake off the trivialities of churchiness in favor of the substantive questions that make a spiritual transformation:
"Is Jesus the only one who can undragon people?"
"Why don't I like most churches?"
"Where is God in difficult times?"
"How do you shed decades of gnarly scales?"
Some choices will lead you to a better life. Some will kill you. Some choices will add a new layer of scales to your dragon, and some will slough them off. No More Dragons is about asking Christ to deliver you and learning how to obey him.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for this review. It does sound like a most intriguing book that would cause one to think seriously while laughing, THAT is a tall order!