Monday, January 6, 2014

Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower (Book Review)

As soon as I read the blurb for Andi Unexpected I knew my daughter would love it! Andi Unexpected  is the perfect mystery for tween children, and I was especially pleased to know that my daughter would learn a bit of history while enjoying a good book! That's always a plus, right? 

And now, I'll let you read Carrie's review of :

Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower

From Carrie, 11:
Andi is a young girl whose life turns upside down when her parents die. She and her older sister, Bethany, are taken to live with their aunt Amelie, where she meets a boy named Colin from next door. Not long after Andi gets there, her aunt asks her to clean out the attic for an upcoming garage sale. Aunt Amelie told Andi that if she cleaned it out she could have the attic as her room. Andi doesn't know that a mystery is in store until she and Colin (who was helping her clean the attic) find a chest with things belonging to a baby in it. She discovers that she is related to the baby and finds herself in trouble as she goes through history trying to find out what had happened to baby Andora.

Andi Unexpected is suspenseful and exciting! I especially liked that it said a lot about the Great Depression. The story was inspiring because Andi never gave up. I would definitely recommend this book to others!

Book Description From the Publisher:

Twelve-year-old Andora “Andi” Boggs and her fourteen-year-old sister Bethany move to rural Ohio to live with their eccentric twenty-something aunt after the sudden death of their parents. While dealing with her grief, Andi discovers proof of another Andora Boggs in the family tree whose existence was hidden in a Depression-era trunk in the attic. With help from her new friend and neighbor, Colin Carter, Andi is determined to find out who this first Andora was and what happened to her.

You may purchase the book here.

Thanks for reading!

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