Monday, September 16, 2013

Exciting News!

My daughter, Carrie, is a bookworm. Her favorite books are the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy mysteries, so she was very happy when I discovered a Kindle freebie that was a mystery, written in a similar style. The book was part of a series and was written by a new author, Paul Moxham. Carrie enjoyed the book immensely. I found more of Mr. Moxham's books and short stories for free or very cheap, and Carrie quickly devoured those, as well. In one of the books Mr. Moxham said that if his readers had any plot ideas, they could send them to him and, if he used their idea, he would name one of the characters in that story after the sender.

Carrie was hooked. She quickly came up with a plot, (a pretty good one, I might add) and sent it off to Paul Moxham. I warned her that she may never hear back from him; we didn't even know if hewas still  accepting ideas. The warning did nothing to dampen her enthusiasm, and she waited impatiently for an answer to her email. When Mr. Moxham replied, she was ecstatic!

Long story short, Paul Moxham, did use Carrie's plot, and created a character based on Carrie's description and interests. When all was said and done and Carrie read the preview Mr. Moxham emailed to us, she was over the moon! She was even more excited when she read that he might even use her character in a future story, as well!

And now, we wait for "her" short story, "The Mystery of the Strange Notebook" to become available on Amazon. In the meantime, you can get the first book in the series, The Mystery of Smuggler's Cove for free (Kindle version) through Sept. 16th! If you download this book, please leave a review on Amazon! Thanks!

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